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  • No Top Coat required
  • No UV Lamp required


  • 20 new technology nail wraps , enough for 1 manucure and 1 pedicure 


Colour: White (Note that screen color may not reflect the actual color and are therefore not binding. The colors displayed on the screen (light colors) may vary and the original colors (body colors) differ depending on the setting and display.


Using the leading technology in the nail industry and innovative nail polish raw materials, it is safe and environmentally friendly. It is produced through more than 30 processes. 


Our new "no top needed" nail wraps are made of nail polish raw materials, high gloss and high brightness with gel-like effect, simple operation, high-end texture like salon manicure, flexible for great fitting, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch hair, no peculiar smell, children and pregnant women can use it with confidence , it is very convenient to remove. 


No animal testing



Not easy to scratch hair

No peculiar smell

Easy to apply

No heat required

Easy Sticks

Lasts up to 14 days (They could last between 3-14 days depending on your lifestyle.


  • easy to apply and remove: It sticks perfectly to any curved surface and you can remove it with nail polish remover and a manicure stick. (as in the video)
  • Formulated without DBP, toluene & formaldehyde


Ingredients: 2-propenoicacid,homopolymer (9003-01-4), polyurethane (9009-54-5), n-butyl acetate (123-86-4), Propenoic acid (25767-39-9), nitrocellulose (9004-70-0), Ethyl acetate (141-78-6), Dipentaerythritolhexaacrylate (29570-58-9)Steralkonium Hectorite (94891-33-5)

White (no top coat)

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