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You can apply Sweet Celine`s nail wraps on to your

natural, gel, schellack, acryl or polished nails.

Clean natural, acryl, gel or Schellac nails before application to remove any oils or lotions and remove or push back the cuticles.

1.Choose your nail wraps to the nail that fits best.

2.Remove clear cover.

3.Peel off the Nail Wrap

4.Place Nail Wrap on the center of the nail and then with firm pressure on the edges. Fold down the excess Nail Wrap or cut bigger excess off.

5.File off the excess gently.

6.Apply one thin layer of Top Coat Nail Polish. Never forget to cover front edge of the nail.

Removal: Remove the Nail Wraps with nail polish remover.

Store in cool, dry place.

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