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Hi Beautiful Ladies!


My name is Sina. I am a certified nail artist since 2013. I do Gel and Shellac nails. This is my passion. I love nail art. And now I am here with something new. And I want to share my new passion with everyone out there who loves nail art as much as I do. Celine is my daughter’s name. I believe this name would bring a good luck for my new born brand. 

I always loved having perfect nails. I started to this journey because of me needing something special for my own nails at first. I have very thin and week nails. That is why I kept watching new products to find something which has good quality and obviously long lasting. And then I found out the gel nails and learned how to do it. This is how my addiction started. I love designing and painting nails so much. I do for  my clients, for myself and for my friends and family. I even teach them how to apply and give them tricks.

​Now I am mother of two. I don`t have enough time to apply gel nails for myself at the moment, mothers would understand me. If you have little children, it is really difficult to have time for yourself. You do not want to wait for nail polish to dry. Even though you want, it is not always possible :) I found out the nail wraps are great choice to have quick and nice manicure. You don`t need to wait for polish to dry or you don`t need to go to nail salons to have a nice design. It gives you a nice thick layer on your nail so your nails can grow even better. It was definetely worth trying. And I did. Guess what? A new addiction which takes less time  and less effort to apply was born. It is amazing. I must have used my creativity here too. So I decided to create my own designs. 

Now with my team, we are trying to create the best quality nail wraps for you with a large variety of designs.  I am really happy to announce you that our Sweet Celine`s Nail Wraps is out! My sisters, beautiful ladies, busy mothers and busy students... For all of you, gorgeous ladies , because we deserve this! 

Thank you for visiting !  Enjoy with your nail wraps!

Yours Sina

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