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30 semi-cured gel nail wraps ( enough for 2 manicure and 2 pedicure)+ mini nail file+ manicure stick


  • Color: light brown-cream, white  (Note that screen color may not reflect the actual color and are therefore not binding. The colors displayed on the screen (light colors) may vary and the original colors (body colors) differ depending on the setting and display. )
  • no top coat needed
  • UV/Led lamp required


Semi-cured gel nail wrap is the same quality as using real gel materials in the salon. 


  • It sticks perfectly to any curved surface with its unique softness like jelly.
  • This product is made of real liquid gel and is only half cured. After putting it on your nails, cure it with a UV/ Led lamp for about 120 seconds to feel the same quality as a nail salon.
  • Super long-lasting: Lasting up to 30 days like a real gel nail from the nail salon.
  • easy to apply and remove: It sticks perfectly to any curved surface and you can remove it with nail polish remover and a manicure stick. (as in the video)
  • Formulated without DBP, toluene & formaldehyde




Snowy Baby boomer Gel Wraps

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