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16  Wraps.  (If you like this 16er format of nail wraps, you can find more 16er Designs in our sister shop Aufmascherlt-Nagelfolien.)


  • Colour: Transparent- no color (Note that screen color may not reflect the actual color and are therefore not binding. The colors displayed on the screen (light colors) may vary and the original colors (body colors) differ depending on the setting and display.
  •  %100 nail Polish
  • No animal testing
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • No heat required
  • Easy Sticks
  • Lasts up to 14 days (They could last between 3-14 days depending on your lifestyle. To make the best out of your freshly applied Sweet Celine`s Nails Wraps, it is recommended that you apply 2-3 thin UV gel topcoats or compatible regular topcoats.)
  • Easy remove (remove with nail polish remover)


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